Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Not so excited now

So, despite some 90+ page views over the weekend, only one entry to my give-away. While Ada would be a worthy winner I feel just a tad disappointed.

If you did want to enter but don't have a blog or blogger account, you can comment as 'anonymous' but you'll have to tell me who you are in your comment.

Or maybe nobody else wants to win.

I don't care - my lovely Tall Girl knows how to cheer me up.

So there!



  1. How did I miss this!! I've entered now!!

  2. I've given you a mention over at my blog too..I can see from all the emails that you've had more than 1 entry noW! yey! Don't be disheartened! I've ben chickening out from doing a giveaway at my blog for the same reason...and just because I'm so disorganised! Nice to "meet" you, Lisa x

  3. Hello Eleanor! I've followed you here from Ada's blog. Please count me in on your giveaway - the bag looks so pretty and I'm sure I could easily fill it with some fabric during a good 50% sale :) Now I'm going to have a peak back through your blog with my cuppa tea - I nice way to spend a quiet evening wouldn't you say?

  4. thought I had entered your give away on your previous blog, there seems to be lots of replies so not sure what is happening, I came over to you from little dotty bird and said I wanted to fill your bag with all my newly dyed fabrics, wonder if this will get through to you, I can see it on the previous blog so not sure what has happened.