Saturday, 20 October 2012

Flower tutorial - a plan

J and I have spent the last two days driving the length of our country taking our belongings to Tilbury from whence they will wing their merry way to St Helena, arriving two weeks after us. After all that sitting in a car/van I am in serious need of a crafty moment or two.

Browsing through some of my favourite blogs this morning I have noticed a bit of a theme. Several people have been lamenting their inability to crochet flowers. So, I have a plan. I am going to attempt a crochet tutorial. It's going to take a bit of thinking about but I recon a couple of evenings should crack it.

In the mean time... the end date for my Give-Away... is going to be midnight on Tuesday so I'll draw a winner on Wednesday.

Have a lovely weekend.



  1. Hello Eleanor!
    What a lovely idea!
    I was thinking exactly the same thing after reading those comments on my giveaway?
    At first I wasn't sure anyone would be interested in my flowers as everyone in blogland seems to make them!
    Well I guess not everyone after all....can't wait to see what lovely creations fall from your hook...
    bestest wishes and crochet love
    Daisy J. x

  2. reading your blog I think you are moving to St Helena in the Channel Isles, it will be a lot warmer than Northumbria, happy moving.
    Look forward to your instructions for the flowers, I am a struggling crocheter, find following instructions difficult but as they say practise makes perfect one day!I usually get there i the end and once it sinks in it stays.

  3. St Helena, the british protectorate in the middle of the south atlantic! Scary biscuits...

  4. Bet youre exhausted! Yes prescription of crafty time needed! Ada :)

  5. Great idea - look forward to your tutorial! I'm a beginner crocheter, so make them easy please ;-)
    St Helena Island - how exciting - why are you relocating? When I lived in Cape Town, South Africa, we always used to watch the supply ship, sail off to St Helena - it always fascinated me.
    Happy Sunday, xx