Monday, 1 October 2012

Slow living?

I have just been inspired to spend some time reflecting and so I am going to post twice today - aren't you lucky.

I am in the middle of a rare battle with Giant Baby over his afternoon nap. I am not sure whether to be pleased that he ate all his lunch even though it wasn't toast which was what he wanted, or stressed that he eventually got into bed over an hour late, still isn't asleep and I have to get him up in an hour or so for the school run. The outcome is a major stressed me. I came down to work out what to do next and started my usual displacement activities when I feel I have too much to do. Then a couple of things happened...

My friend Alison posted this on fb: "The lie that there isn’t enough time pervades most modern time management teaching, advocates 24/7 living, and requires us to multitask at every opportunity. So pervasive is this culture that we might not even question it. Yet, whenweremovethespacesitishardtomakesenseofit. "

To which my immediate reaction was "needsomemorespacesatthemo!". 

Then I was checking out what was new in blogland and came across Christine's latest post on Slow Living Essentials. I have only been following Christine for a few weeks but her monthly reflections have struck a chord with me before when Jules at Little Woolie has hooked up with her.

So with Alison's words of wisdom and Christine's inspiration I am going to attempt to reflect in a calm way on my achievements in September and not worry that I can still here singing, grumbling and playing coming through the baby monitor.

Prepare: I made a significant amount of apple and green tomato chutney yesterday. On a non culinary note, preparation has been the source of my lack of slowness and space - I have been very busy getting together all the things we need for our grand adventure. BUT, slowly slowly things are getting ticked off the list.

Nourish: Tall girl and I had fun making a cake from one of her library books this weekend. I had a serious failure trying to use sourdough starter for danish style pastries a couple of weeks ago and we loved the home made pizza.

Grow: We have been enjoying home grown courgettes, potatoes and the last of the mange tout. I have also ordered a mega load of seeds to take with us n our travels.

Reduce: Urg a hard one - the need to prepare has turned me into some kind of hyperconsumer. I have found a few of the things we need in charity shops and through clothes swaps though. I have also been using old fabric samples to make some of my Christmas presents.

Green: I use my own homemade lip balm and enjoyed experimenting to make it. Note to self - when things calm down, I would enjoy doing more of this.

Create: I have been continuing to restock the market stall with top sellers like crocheted hair clips. I have made the aforementioned Christmas presents (which for now must stay under wraps) and I am still working away at my cushion back. Slowly slowly!

Discover: Another hard one... I have taken part in my new book group which has prompted me to read things that I wouldn't have done otherwise. The latest one was Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady by Florence King.

Enhance: My Friday morning Mummies group (who are also my book group) took part in the Macmillan coffee morning and had a clothes and book swap.

Enjoy: We loved our weekend away up North, I have enjoyed some of our preparations when I have not allowed The List to get on top of me. And I have enjoyed small things like baking with Tall Girl, chatting with Giant Baby, helping Tiny Boy cope with starting school and the high I always get after choir practise.

Phew! Despite our imminent life change I have managed lots of the things I hold dear. I think this reflection might have to become a monthly thing. It certainly makes you stop and think.

Oh and the Giant Baby is still rattling around his bedroom and not sleeping...



  1. It might be that Giant Baby is getting ready to knock off his afternoon sleep! This is always a sad time for us Mums, we loose our little bit of 'me time', even if that time was just to do housework! It's also a sign that they are growing up and needing a little less sleep and a bit more adventure! It's also a bit sad because you know in this inbetween bit, there will be more tears, (from everyone!), while you readjust to the new routine!
    Great reflections by the way! Ada :)

  2. You have my interest piqued about this Grand New Adventure. :-)

  3. Your description of an unsuccessful nap time has just made me realize how big my own 'babies' are! Where did that time go?

  4. Sorry. The rest of my comment is missing. Take two. I enjoyed reading about your month and lik Kathryn I'm curious about the adventure