Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Little leeks and perfect parsnips

Good morning! It really is a beautiful one here. Cold and clear. We had our first frost last night which means time to pull some leeks and parsnips. Yum!

The leeks are a little smaller than I would have hoped but since we only have 6 weeks to eat them and they are my absolute favourite, I don't care. Also they were massacred by a vole or two when they were very wee which can't have helped.

The parsnips however, are perfect. I love them too and plan to roast some of these for tea.

Oh, and by the way, I have finished the mega-pack of the things that we are sending to St Helena by container. Would you like to see what 700kg+ of assorted stuff looks like in my 'dining room'? Well here you go:

Yes, that would be the bottom of the light in the top of the picture. It nearly reaches the ceiling.



  1. Enjoy your veg! Lots of boxes there! Ada :)

  2. Oh wow, just read about your impending adventure, how exciting, so much to do... enjoy your roast parsnips. x