Friday, 20 July 2012

Illicit pickings

We moved our rhubarb this winter which means we are not supposed to pick it this year. Apart from a stalk or two right at the beginning of the season I have been really good and left it alone, but a couple of days ago I cracked. It is so crazily healthy that it is taking over in the new space. So I pulled a couple of stalks off each plant. They are huge and pretty sharp because really it is a bit late in the season so I have been cooking them up. Yesterday I made chutney, and I have rhubarb and orange jam on the go right now.

Tiny Boy and I also rustled up some lemon caked for the lovely ladies at his pre-school because it was his last day yesterday. Six weeks and he'll be in big school!

Time flies when you are having fun!


1 comment:

  1. Whether you should or whether you shouldn't have, your rhubarb looks good - we ate the last of our crop a few weeks ago...ginat rhubarb crumbles for all the Sunday Roasts I seem to have been feeding the entire community lately!

    Fancy your little boy on his way up to Big School -time does indeed fly when you aren't looking. Have a great -and sunny we hope - six weeks.