Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Barbara's Brilliant Breakfast

Named after my lovely friend who served it up a few months ago and transformed weekend breakfasts chez nous.

To serve two hungry adults and three Smalls:

Grate an apple and a pear (or two apples or two pears - this is not rocket science) in to a mixing bowl.

Add a whole 500ml pot of plain yogurt, Greek style/natural/full fat/low fat/fat free, whatever suits. (I did take a snap of the yogurt pot to go here but it was fuzzy and really you know what a yogurt pot looks like!)

Add about 3 cups of porridge oats and 3/4 cup of dried fruit. I use currants because Tall Girl will eat them but won't eat raisins. Raisins would be fine. Mine are American sized measuring cups which were a gift from Canada. I have no idea how big they are. Pick a cup and adjust accordingly or do what I do and pour straight from the bag til it looks right.

Mix it all up. It should be about the consistency of sponge cake mix.

Spoon into bowls and add a few blueberries (or something else, or nothing).

A truly yummy and extremely healthy breakfast that Tall Girl once commented was so nice it was like having pudding for breakfast.


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  1. Well it looks delicious but I'm dairy free :( I do love porridge though with honey, Ada :)