Wednesday, 25 July 2012

10 minute holiday

I have not frequented these parts of late due to a nasty bug which is thankfully now behind me. I am in fine fettle today and thought you might like to share a lovely 10 minutes that happened to me this morning.

I went to get my hair cut at a new place that had been recommended by a friend. Arriving 10 minutes early, and for once having no Smalls in tow, I went for a short walk... on the beach. The new hairdressers has the wonderful feature of being about 20 metres from the sea.

My sandals soon came off as the urge to paddle hit me.

I turned my face to the Sun and my toes to the waves.

I wandered along for a few minutes then shook off the sand and sauntered into the hairdressers as if nothing unusual had happened at all.

Only I knew that I had luxuriated in my own 10 minute holiday, and now you do too.



  1. Ten minute foot spa just before being pampered at the hairdressers! Bliss! Glad you are feeling better! Ada :)

  2. Sometimes the 10 minute holidays are the best kind (and the cheapest)! Glad to hear that you're feeling better!

  3. How marvelous! That's cheered up my morning; thanks Eleanor! A bit belated, but I'm glad you're feeling better x