Thursday, 12 July 2012

Abundant abundance

Yesterday was an even madder weather day than most we have had recently. I began swathed in waterproofs and wellies but still got so wet that there was water inside my watch. Then the rain stopped and it got very cold so I swapped my wellies for winter boots and put the heating on (one word: JULY!), then the cloud thinned enough that we could see the outline of a strange bright circle in the sky, and I swapped my winter boots for canvas shoes (with socks) and ventured into the soggy garden with Tiny Boy.

There we found everything in abundance. Abundant weeds, abundant long lush grass, and most importantly abundant yumminess.

Wild strawberries.

Two kinds of mange tout.

A small but perfectly formed courgette and one pod of broad beans from the plant grown by Tiny Boy at pre-school.

New potatoes from the volunteer plant that was growing among the parsnips, and the first onion.

And lovely flowers. Enough now to cut some for the house.

The thick cloud is back but it is not raining so I am about to venture forth again to tackle some of the abundant weeds. I hope you are enjoying your garden.



  1. Me too I have abundant weeds and SLUGS, horrible things, eaten most of the veg! I have had mange tout, strawberries, lettuce, radishes and I picked my first small but perfectly formed courgette today, we have just had it in a stir fry! I am sat outside, the sun is out and it's hot! Yippee! Ada :)

  2. Just came by your blog today..thought I would say a little hello :)
    Hasn't it been a mix of weather..sure doesn't feel like July that is for sure. I can relate, my garden has a jungle of weeds at the moment, it is hard to keep up with them all.
    It looks like you managed to get a good crop of veggies though and those cut flowers are just lovely!
    Magie x

    1. welcome! nice of you to stop by. I am pretty pleased with the flowers too. They are brightening up my mantle piece.

  3. Wowzer! Go0e my garden produce is as magnificent as this lot! Bob