Monday, 11 June 2012

Up-cycled bunting

I have been waiting for a sunny morning to take a picture of our bunting, but as no such thing is forthcoming I went out on this gloomy, blustery afternoon and took some pictures anyway. You'll just have to imagine the sun caressing each little flag with early morning warmth...

The bunting was homemade in about half an hour by myself and Tall Girl last summer then carefully stashed in a drawer for next time. Turns out now is next time!

We took four or five brightly coloured bags-for-life which were past their prime and up-cycled them with some scissors, a length of pink string and a stapler.

Closer inspection reveals that I am by no means loyal in my shopping habits!

I put them up for the Jubilee but since we also have the Olympic Torch coming through town on Thursday they are staying up at least until then. The colours might not be very patriotic but they are very pretty!


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