Friday, 22 June 2012

Two of my favourite things

Today I want to tell you about two of my favourite things.

The first is when the Smalls, without any prompting, behave in a lovely friendly way to each other and make my job very easy. They are usually pretty good, but the time straight after school can be tricky when they are tired and need some chill out time.

Yesterday when we got home I brought a sleeping Giant Baby in from the car and unusually he stayed asleep.

Tall girl then announced that she had chosen her school library book specifically because she thought Tiny Boy would like it, and she intended to read it to him immediately.

She was quite right. He really liked it and they had fun learning about trains.

The unexpected peace and quiet that ensued was well timed because I was feeling a little under the weather. I took myself upstairs and changed into comfy pjs and slippers.


The second of my favourite things is a regular Friday morning date with a bunch of lovely ladies and their babies. I say babies, Giant Baby is the youngest by a couple of months. We got to know each other through a mixture of aqua natal classes and what is commonly known as boob group. We meet at a different house each week, or sometimes at a cafe, and busy ourselves with pleasant chatter, coffee and large quantities of cake.

Today's gathering was hosted by a baker of most excellent goodies, and on offer was cinnamon, walnut and courgette cake, which sounds a little weird but tastes divine.

I have to confess that I don't actually partake of the coffee, not being a fan, but prefer a nice cup of tea, or two, instead.

Really the perfect way to spend a Friday morning!



  1. Your blog makes me smile so much :-) I love it! xx

  2. why thank you my dear! I hope you are having fun on your travels! xx

  3. That cake looks so good! I'm more partial to tea as well. Definitely a great way to spend Friday morning!