Friday, 29 June 2012

An actual stall at an actual craft fair!

Look! I actually did it. I made stuff and put it on a stall. Actually my Mum made it look so fab before I even got there. She is also manning it while I run about to and from school for various Smalls activities. Her mobile has run out of juice so i'll have to wait til she gets home to find out if she sold anything.

You can see her books at the front. Two poetry collections and a novel. They all look good together.

I was a little distracted taking the pics because Giant Baby is not too well. He has what the doc described as unexplained spots. Not chicken pox as I suspected at first, but enough to make him a mummy's boy today.

I stole the children's little chair to use as a prop. I think it looks cute and gives the whole thing some height.

I am so relieved that it looks ok. I just hope a few bits sell. Next time I go over there I'll try and take some pics of the other stalls because they were all beautiful.

Off to make a cuppa now. Would you like one? Milk?


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