Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Woolly treasure

So, things did not go quite according to plan on Monday morning. We all roused ourselves bleary eyed from our beds when it really was still the night, grumbled and grouched through first-day-back-at-school-reluctant breakfast and made it with all the correct bags and envelopes to the school gates remarkably on time. To find them closed. Turns out Monday was a teacher training day, and apparently the whole world knew except me. So aquafit was a no no and will have to wait for next week. I did get the sewing room sorted out though and made a hammock for a toy owl, as you do...
Anyway, Tuesday dawned bright and cold and after a practice run on Monday, getting up and out was relatively painless. I know some people who mourn the loss of their Smalls when term starts again, but not this Mummy. It is quite a relief to return to the peace and quite after dropping them off and to know that if I clean and tidy, it will stay that way until 3.15. I am a girl who needs a routine and the school holidays are a bit of an endurance test.
I snapped this pic though the (quite grimy as it turns out) sewing room window yesterday. It has been seriously gloomy here. The weather is gloomy and we have scaffolding up the front of the house blocking out what natural light there is, so I am hoping this will remind me that the sun can shine and that spring will come eventually. 

I split yesterday into a day of two halves. I hoovered and sorted and wiped and stuff, then I used the excuse of taking something to the recycling centre to visit my favourite charity shop next door. To my complete delight they had a sale on: hand and machine knitted woolly things for £1 each. What is a girl to do but pick up a couple of new cardigans. Fine treasure indeed!

Then of course I had to spend a little bit of time rummaging around in my button stash to see if I could find something to make my new and lovely cardis sing to me. I decided on these beauties for the grey and turquoise one. Not sure about the blue one yet.

There was also a mustard one that I can still hear calling to me. If I can still hear it later in the week I'll pop back and see if it is meant for me or whether someone else has claimed it for their own.



  1. What a great find & handmade as well! I must admit I enjoyed the extra day of not rushing around getting stuff ready for school.

  2. Wow, what a lovely view - and well done on the great cardi finds too! Hope you settle into a happy routine soon,
    hugs xx

  3. Those Cardi's are great finds! Hope you have fun choosing and changing the buttons, a great idea to personalise them! xx

  4. I've done that before! The kids were ever so mad with me, until I told them they were getting a bonus day off, they were only young and didn't click on about having to get up early! ;) xxx

  5. Lovely cardigan finds and the buttons are pretty.

  6. The view from your window is beautiful and the idea of changing the buttons is great.

  7. Get the mutard cardi... Go on!

  8. Wow, what a bargain. The view from your sewing room is fabulous. Don't think I'd get much sewing done..