Sunday, 30 November 2014

Shortbread stars and flowers

Well, it has been a funny old week here at stitches and seeds. I had high hopes of getting loads of stuff done in the garden, but it has rained all week. It has been quite demoralising really, but inspired by other bloggy souls I have remembered the joy of lighting candles and how much they improve the vibe on a driech day.

I also had company on Thursday and Friday. Little Man was just not himself, had a horrible headache and an iffy temperature. Once dosed up with calpol he was pretty good company though. We did a bit of sewing together and a lot of cutting out. (For a project I can't show you because it is a present but which is going to take quite a bit of making time.) 

We also washed out hands super carefully and baked, because if you bake, you have yummy treats! I was inspired to make little shortbread people by Lucy at Attic 24 so out came the cutters and DISASTER...

Not a person among them! How is it that kitchen-equipment-hoarder-extraordinaire that I am, I don't own a man, or a lady. Two sizes of christmas tree and three kinds of star, but no people. We even raided the play-dough cutters, but none there either.

Admitting defeat, we made stars and flowers instead, and they were delicious.

We only made a tiny amount of dough, with 1oz sugar, 2oz butter and 3oz flour, but it was enough for a couple of biscuits each for pudding. Perfect.

I think Santa may remedy the person cutter problem. He is good like that.


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  1. I hope that santa does rectify the cutter situation - and perhaps before Christmas so that there can be some people for Christmas eating! The biscuits look delicious whatever the shape! xx