Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Second Make for Christmas - Patchwork Cushion

The Back is back. Grr. Went to see the doc and he has prescribed as much bed rest as I can manage in between juggling Smalls, and some strong drugs. I have been doing exactly as I am told for 24 hours and things are looking up again. I am determined to get it properly fixed so I can go out and play, so a few more days of lying down it is. But in the mean time there are still makes to be made and posts to be blogged. Turns out you can crochet when lying flat on your back and with some cunningly placed cushions you can even blog!

So, much more interesting than the state of my back is the Second Make for Christmas:

Patchwork Cushion

I am going to show you how to make one of the little beauties we made in our little crafty group on Thursday. The front will be nine squares of pretty patchwork and the back will have a cunning envelope opening that needs no fussy zips or button holes. Make it Christmassy to decorate your home, or choose fabrics that would suit someone special.

This is for a little bird who requested a simple make involving sewing only straight lines. No curves here, oh no siree!

Difficulty: Easy peasy if you can drive a sewing machine, and the perfect project on which to have a go if you can't. You could even do without the machine but that is a lot of hand sewing and I am a bear of very little patience as you know.

You will need:
Sewing machine, good scissors, iron and board, ruler, pencil, pins, thread.
Fabric: two or more colours or patterns that complement each other. We used remnants from other projects and charity shop finds.

I will give you instructions for a 45cm cushion filler but I'll also tell you how to calculate the measurements for other sizes.

Iron all your fabric.

For the front you need nine squares. Each should end up being 1/3 of the width of the cushion (45/3=15) plus you need a 1cm seam allowance on each side (15+2=17).

Measure and cut nine 17cm x 17cm squares. You might find it helpful to make a cardboard template. Iron your squares.

Arrange the squares in a way that pleases you - regular and symmetrical or random and groovy. Pin each column of three together so right sides are facing.

Sew together on the machine leaving a 1cm seam allowance. Iron the seams open, then pin the three pieces together, right sides facing and matching up the joins as neatly as you can.

Sew together with a 1cm seam allowance then iron.

Admire how beautiful your patchwork square is. (This step is extremely important and on no account can be forgotten.)

For the back you will need two rectangles the same size. The long side will be the size of your cushion plus a 1cm seam allowance on each end (45+2=47). The short side will measure 2/3 of the size of your cushion plus 4cm (45*2/3=30 30+4=34).

Cut two rectangles 47cm x 34cm. Along one of the long sides of each piece iron down 1cm to the wrong side then another 2cm and pin to form a hem. Sew along each hem. Iron your rectangles.

Place your patchwork front right side up. Place one of the back pieces face down on top so the raw edges line up.

Place the other back piece on top, also right side down with the raw edges lined up with the opposite side. Pin together and sew all round the edge with a 1cm seam allowance.

Turn out the right way and poke the corners out with the point of your scissors. Iron your cushion cover, put the filler inside and admire.

If it is to be a gift, wrap with love.


  1. What a pretty cushion and great idea for a Christmas pressie :) xx

  2. This is a really lovely cushion and will make a perfect Christmas gift! Thank you for sharing your tutorial.
    Marianne x