Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Slow Living June 2013

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I am continuing with my mission to get the Smalls to eat grown up food most of the time, and getting them to help make it definitely helps. Tall Girl is a bit of an expert at guacamole and also wants to be able to help with the fajitas.
I have done lots of baking recently. Pumpkin scones have been a favourite for a while but I tried apple scones this week which went down a treat.


Preparations round here are not of the jammy or bottling kind, but are for September. Were are going back to the UK for a few weeks to see friends and family, to restock our wardrobes (the Smalls will keep growing) and to glory in the wonder that is Sainsbury's fruit isle. We have had car hire to organise and trips to schedule and we are having lots of fun planning lots of fun...


After metaphorically stamping my feet and throwing my teddy out of the pram about veg growing I have pulled myself together and I am ready for another go. I spent a happy hour footling with seeds and I am at the stage where I am forever checking for signs of life. I shall have to be extremely nice to the neighbours to get them to water them for eight weeks while we are away... We also have catalogued a pineapple related success. Tall girl has a science book that said if you cut the top off a pineapple and plant it, it should grow. Well after sulking for a couple of months it looks like it may have worked!


I have decided that brown paper is no longer the thing, and I am now wrapping parcels in newspaper before taking them to post. Actually, I ran out and had to improvise since missing the post means a three week wait!

And of course there were experiments in tarn which I am definitely not done with yet!


After the success of my latest handbag I am making another one with the intention of writing up the pattern. Watch this space...


A few weeks ago I met a girl at a party who had a flax handbag made using a different technique to what I have learned. She very graciously allowed me to empty her bag, examine it, photograph it, turn it inside out and generally mistreat it. I have spent many hours replicating it and I am in the process of taking pictures and writing up a tutorial for my fellow flax weavers.


Still crafting on a Thursday and most excitingly have been teaching my friend to crochet. She is very keen and has been practising, practising, practising. She is making a cushion cover with granny squares on the front and stripes on the back and I think we are going to try some edging and some flowers. A real sampler of techniques.

I have also been asked to do some major surgery on this poor kangaroo. Crocheted by a Granny for her grandson then mauled by an overenthusiastic dog he is missing his  ear (presumably eaten), has a large hole in one side and almost no stuffing left. I have acquired some yarn that is not a bad match and I need a quiet moment to see what I can do.


This month we celebrated Tiny Boy's birthday which was a two part affair: presents and cake on his birthday and party (more cake) a week later. He wanted to wait and have his party when Grandma had arrived. My Mum is the latest visitor. The Smalls are very much competing for her attention and are pretty hard work. They had half term last week which was a bit full on but term has resumed and with it, sanity.


  1. Tee hee, I'm having a giggle at you getting someone to empty their bag so you could see how they made it! Well done, you - that's the sort of thing I'd want to do but wouldn't be brave enough to ask :-) Looking forward to seeing the resultant new flax woven bag.
    What fun to be planning your trip home, and enjoy your mum's visit.

  2. Ooooh apple scones! Any chance you could share the recipe? That would go down a treat here! Scones are my favourite thing to bake for Sunday breakfast - they feel more celebrational than bread and more substantial/breakfasty than cake.

    I've never had a go at flax weaving. It looks intriguing!

    Yay for handbag pattern! :)

    1. Will put up the recipe, maybe even tomorrow. The pattern is going to take a wee bit longer - I would like to get my hand drawn instructions scanned if I can work out how!

  3. I'd love to see an apple scone recipe, too - sounds delicious!

    Heidi @ lightlycrunchy

  4. Loved your catch up - and your handbag looks interesting. How lovely to be planning a trip. I find the planning and the remembering almost as much fun as the trip itself!

  5. Hi Eleanor, very envious of your tropical adventure..
    Oh to be able to grow a pineapple in the garden! My veggie growing exploits have been a mixed bag too, but it's worth persevering. Good luck with the seeds!

  6. Lovely sentiments here Eleanor, food for thought! :) x

  7. Nice to catch up on your month, Eleanor. All the best for your trip - wishing you loads of fun adventures! :)

  8. hey Eleanor! Love the flax bag - thats going to be a fun project! Pineapples take a VERY long time to grow - we just picked 2 that have been growing for about three years in the garden! A tip for you - when you see the pineapple actually growing, wait until it bends the stalk and then pick it. If you leave it cause its too small or looks to green or young - some animal will come and eat it for you. The bend in the stalk is the pineapples way of knowing its at its peak and reaching for the ground to start another plant! Good luck! - K xx