Sunday, 11 November 2012

The morning after...

On Friday night I had a lovely sweet send off from all the Friday morning coffee girls. We had an amazing meal with contributions from several of them (all fab cooks) and a wee drinky or two.

They gave me a gorgeous present of a leather-bound note book made by one of them with messages from them all.

We had a peaceful evening without any Smalls - what a treat!

Then on Saturday morning I walked back to get my car.

It was the most glorious morning for a walk up the river

and through the park, and reminded me of all the great things about living here.

There's going to be a lot of sea, but I shall miss the river... and  my fab friends.



  1. It looks gorgeous, we've had sunshine today and it makes such a difference...glad you had a lovely time with your friends x

  2. It's a beautiful part of the world there, you will miss it of course, but new adventures await you and your family! :)