Friday, 26 October 2012

Beginners crochet tutorial - bigger flower


I have finally finished the second flower tutorial. I hope you find it useful. Once again, if you spot any errors or have any suggestions for improvements, let me know. For information about yarn, hooks and holding your work see this post.

This is what we are going to do:

Foundation ring: make 4ch, join into a ring with a slst
Round 1: 3ch (counts as 1 tr), 11tr into ring
Round 2: [3ch, slst into front strand of next stitch] 12 times
Round 3: join new colour into back strand of R1 stitches, [4ch, 2dtr into same stitch, 4ch, slst into same stitch, slst into next stitch] 12 times.

Sounds advanced for your second project? Never fear we'll go through it step by step.

This time we are going to start with a chain ring.

Make a slip knot: Wind the yarn round your finger

pull a loop through,

and tightening the knot by pulling on the short end.

Insert the hook into the loop.

Make four chain: Yarn over hook and pull through to make one chain.

Make three more chain.

Join into a ring: Insert the hook into the first loop of the slip knot.

Yarn over hook

and pull through both loops on the hook to join the  4 chain into a ring.

[Observant readers may have noticed that I changed from a 4.5mm to a 3mm hook part way through making the chain ring. I actually undid the whole thing and started again because the hook felt too big for the dk cotton yarn I had chosen.]

Next make three chain.


Now you are going to learn to do a treble crochet (exciting huh?)

Treble crochet into the ring: Yarn over hook

Insert the hook into the centre of the ring

Yarn over hook

Pull the loop through the ring (3 loops on hook)

Yarn over hook

Pull through two loops (2 loops on hook)

Yarn over hook

Pull through both loops. There you've done it!

Now, just for the practice make ten more so you have eleven trebles plus the 3 chain (12 stitches).

Join with a slip stitch: Insert the hook into the top of the 3 chain,

Yarn over hook

Pull through all the loops on the hook. Now isn't that lovely!

Next we are going to embellish the centre of the flower with a wee frill. (That sound much posher than it is).

Make three chain

Insert the hook into the front strand only of the next stitch


and join with a slip stitch.

Repeat this eleven more times (3 chain, join to the next stitch with a slip stitch) to make a frilly flower centre, cut the yarn and fasten off.

Join in a new colour into the back strand of the stitches you have just been working in.

Make four chain.

Now you are going to make a double treble (!)

Two double treble into the same stitch: Yarn over hook twice,

Insert the hook into the same stitch that you joined the yarn into,

Yarn over hook, pull through (4 loops on hook), yarn over hook,

Pull through two loops (3 loops on hook),

Yarn over hook

Pull through two loops (2 loops on hook),

Yarn over hook,

Pull through the last two loops. Then make another double treble just for practice.

Make four chain.

Slip stitch into the same stitch as you have been working in for the whole petal.

Congratulations you have made one petal!

Now slip stitch into the remaining strand of the next stitch,

and you are ready to make eleven more petals (4ch, 2dtr, 4ch, slst into same stitch, slst into next stitch).

Cut the yarn and fasten off.

Transform your wibbly-wobbly flower into a thing of beauty by sewing in the ends and neatly arranging the petals to your satisfaction.

Happy hooking...



  1. Thank you!
    Thats a lovely flower, and even though I can crochet, I am willing to learn more all the time, So i will give this a go later!
    You are very patient to do that tutorial..
    Daisy X

  2. Hello Eleanor, thanks so much for joining and commenting on my blog! Unfortunately, instead if publishing your comment I deleted it ... So sorry! Lovely tutorial, and a now going to have a long look through your blog.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Claire xxx

  3. Just lovley..thanks so much for the tutorials, they are just perfect for a newbie like me :)
    I hope you are having a good weekend x

  4. Thanks for the tutorial, it's great! xx

  5. Eleanor, Hi,
    Received Parcel today, gorgeous thank you very much!
    ... will blog about it as soon as I get the time.....
    Daisy J x

  6. Hello again!!
    Little blog post about you and for you on mine....
    hope you like
    Daisy x