Friday, 27 March 2015

Here and Now


Loving ~ that the Easter Holidays have finally arrived and my pooped Smalls can recharge their batteries.

Eating ~ birthday cake tomorrow. Tall Girl will be nine!

Drinking ~ a wee glass of red to celebrate it being Friday.

Wearing ~ pink socks with ice creams on the side. They make me smile.

Wanting ~ My new sourdough starter to turn out ok. It is at the dodgy stinky stage, but I am trying to keep the faith...

Thinking ~ about my friend Morag. I always think of her the day before Tall Girls birthday. We saw her in an am dram production of Copacabana the night before I went into labour.

Dreaming ~ of warm sunshine. We had a taster this morning when it was warm enough to have a cuppa with my friend in the garden.


  1. I like celebrating Friday too, even more so with the start of the school holidays. I hope your daughter has a great birthday, happy birthday to her x

  2. What happy musings!
    Enjoy your holiday and celebration chuck x

  3. Friday is always a good reason to celebrate, hope Tall Girl had a fab birthday too - the cake looks deeeelicious :-)
    Happy weekend and happy holidays too, hope it's a sunshiney week ahead,

  4. Hope you had a great weekend doing these lovely things!! xx

  5. Just found your lovely blog!
    Beautiful :)

    Happy Easter wishes :)
    Tilly x

  6. I hope the Easter holidays have given you all a chance to recharge and that your daughter had a lovely birthday. Spring birthdays are the best. Two of my babies were spring babies :) xx