Monday, 23 March 2015

A seriously big tent

If you asked me Are you a camping sort of family? I would have said Yes! without hesitation, except that we haven't. Haven't camped. Well we did once for one night but with two teeny weeny dome tents and not a lot else.
You see, for five summers I was either heavily pregnant or had a baby and no inclination to make life more tricky than it already was. Then we went off on our subtropical adventure and did lots of campfires and outdoor fun, but no camping. But now we are back, none of us is pregnant, none of us requires a nappy or to be fed during the night and we are definitely up for some more outdoor adventures. So, we bought a tent!
Yesterday we had lots of jolly fun putting it up for the first time...
Clearing a space.

Laying out the footprint (my word tents have changed!)

The excitement of being allowed to hit stuff!

Poles practically long enough to reach pole to pole.

Feeding poles into pole sleeves

Looking good...

Woah! That is a big tent!

Bedrooms for everyone.

Boys and girl.

Mummy and Daddy.

And a porch.

Phew! Big Trouble found a sunny patch for a little rest.

Planning our first adventure already!



  1. I love tents and that one is fab:)

  2. My camping days are way behind me! Have a lots of fun!!

  3. That is a great tent! I am not a camping person, but I can see that a tent like that would be tempting. I hope you enjoy all of your camping adventures!! Well done for having a test run on the tent, you will look very efficient and professional the first time you stay away with it! xx

  4. have done years of camping , the best bit of advice is buy a cheap kitchen rubber backed rug and put it just inside the door then when they forget to take their boots of you dont get mud everywhere and its somewhere dry to sit and put boots on...not that it ever rained when we went