Thursday, 9 April 2015

Easter holibobs

This school holiday has been all about doing the little things.
New bikes have been ridden (don't you just love hand me downs and gumtree?)

Seeds have been sown.

On Easter Sunday we went to the beach.

Big Trouble did a bit of this

while Tall Girl and Little Man did some of that.

But really, it was all about these.

We needed one of these. Construction was far too important to be left to the Smalls.

Left to right: J, Tall Girl, Big Trouble, Little Man, Grandma, Me.

It is a very simple game. You roll an egg from each end of the track, aiming to hit them together. The last unbroken egg is declared champion. Big Trouble declared that on no account was he going to play. Fair enough! The champion, unbroken egg belonged to Tall Girl.

Then they all did some of that

while I did some of this

and wished I hadn't forgotten to bring these.

I hope you had fun in the sun!



  1. What a wonderful sounding Easter break! It makes me wish mine were still small enough to want to visit the beach x

  2. A great description of a relaxing holiday.