Monday, 22 December 2014


This week, my friend and neighbour Vanessa Cabban was killed in a tragic accident. She was a beautiful and talented artist, illustrator and crafter who was taken from us far too soon.

It was Vanessa who introduced me to the world of blogging through her own blog: Do you mind if I knit. Until I visited her blog I had no idea that there is a whole world out there of like-minded crafters, gardeners, cooks, and friends yet to be met. Vanessa put a pause on her own blog a couple of years ago but definitely did not pause in her crafting or art. I have often glanced through the window of her studio as I walked passed, to see her working away with utmost concentration.

I cannot claim to have known her well. She was very private and considered very carefully what she shared with others, but we did share a love of gardens and gardening, and of course sewing, crochet and knitting. I have a very clear memory of spying her across a crowded church at the christening of a friend's baby, surreptitiously knitting below the pew and she said more than once that a cup of tea and a couple of rows of knitting was the perfect start to the day.

This is how I will choose to remember her, squeezing in a couple of rows whenever the opportunity arose.

If you would like to take a stroll through the pages of her beautiful blog you can find it here: Do you mind if I knit. Please pause with me for a moment to send thoughts and prayers to her family who's pain we cannot begin to imagine.

Vanessa - you are always welcome to knit.



  1. What terrible news - I followed Vanessa's blog for several years, it was one of my favourites and I was sad when she closed it down.
    A lovely lady - my thoughts are with her family and friends

  2. What awful news. I remember her blog too. Thanks for sharing and letting us know.

  3. I followed this lady's blog. How sad to hear this news

  4. Such dreadful news. I was so inspired by her wonderful blog and creativity from her knitted delights to her gorgeous creatures. When my children were younger we enjoyed some of the books she illustrated. Thinking of her family and friends, I hope they know how many of were inspired by her. Jo

  5. So very very sad and an additional loss at this already emotive time of year.
    I adored her Evangelina and loved her tunic knits shed made.

  6. A beautifully written memorial to Vanessa. I love the tale of her knitting under the pew. I shared the news on Instagram and heard from so many who knew her and so were able to share their sadness at this tragedy. My thoughts are with her family at this terrible time. X

  7. Thank you for your tribute. It's special as you knew her in person. Like lots of people I used to comment on her blog and sometimes received lovely emails in response. She was a very kind and talented lady, very sensitive and so creative,. She achieved so much and she shared a lot with her readers. I missed her when she no longer blogged. I was so sad to hear that she had died so tragically and so young. I will treasure her memory and continue to be inspired by her wonderful artistic talent and creativity. I wish her family some comfort and solace, at this awful and sad time. Goodbye lovely Vanessa X


    1. Thank you for your tribute to Vanessa Cabban... I'm still so sad about this loss... I, too shall remember, with a cup of tea and some knitting...
      Rest in peace, Vanessa...

  8. I was another blogger who was inspired by Vanessa and her blog. She was a talented, beautiful young woman, and though I don't claim to have known her, we had exchanged comments via our blogs a few times. There have been so many tributes paid to her via various blogs, and I hope her family have been able to read some of them and take some measure of comfort from knowing how much their darling girl was respected and loved, how inspirational she was and how much pleasure she gave via her blog.
    Thank you for posting this.

  9. such sad news, I have thought of her often recently, she will be missed x

  10. x

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