Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Advent and pipe cleaner greetings

11~  I am not quite sure whether it is Santa or Mary that has called in the big guns, but the Royal Navy have arrived, abandoning their traditional battle ship grey in favour of something more festive complete with a large orange airborne wake.

12~ There's another king in town but he has forgotten his gift. He is however wearing very natty sandals.

13~ Myrrh (or mher) is mine, its bitter perfume, breathes a life of gathering gloom, but thankfully of all the trees that are in the wood, the holly bears the crown. Oh, and somewhere over the rainbow...

14~ That pesky elf is not doing his job properly. Two parcels have fallen out of the sleigh...

15~ So, secret Santa brought a box of crafty bits and suddenly not only does Rudolph have a red nose, but also a green tail and yellow antlers. Pretty useful in the fog...

16~ Pass the parcel at the reception class christmas party yielded completely fabulous glittery stickers, perfect for decorating the tree, then mummy cracked open the pompom makers and a veritable flock of sheep arrived at the stable. Three black, one orange and one pink. I hope a shepherd shows up soon...

17~ The pompom madness continues. A little French snowlady called Snowflake ❄ has joined the party.

18~ A shepherd has arrived, and not a moment too soon. It would seem that Snowflake and the sheep have been on the bottle. In other news 'Di-Rex' the monster has brought three spotty parcels to put under the tree.

19~ Becoming more 3d every day...


20~ The first shepherd being not really up to the job, he has called in reinforcements so hopefully they'll have those sheep rounded up before we get to Cornwall.

21~ A small cracker hovers between sea and sky...

22~ A much larger cracker threatens to take out the purple dog. Sent by Christmas purists perhaps?

23~ Frankincense to offer have I, oh and a candy cane encrusted star...

24~ Finished! A brother ship has joined the Royal Navy ship, a yule log burns merrily in the grate and pipe cleaner greetings wish all of you a Merry Christmas from all of us.

See you on the other side.



  1. That's just fabulous! Merry Christmas to you & yours..
    Love Gilly xx

    1. Thanks. It was tricky to encourage them to do it every day after the first excitement wore off but they were pleased as punch by Christmas eve. xx

  2. Fabulous, what a great activity, so much better than those chocolate advent calendars. Hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas, wishing you and your family all the very best for 2015.