Monday, 1 December 2014

Daddy's Train

Big Trouble is rather in awe of the fact that Daddy gets the train to work EVERY day, and since we got back in August he has been asking to go on Daddy's train to Edinburgh, so this weekend that is exactly what we did.

The walk along the river to the station is rather a nice one, but Big Trouble and Tall Girl chose not to walk, and skipped pretty much the whole way instead.

This is what we had really come for. The BIG wheel. Princes Street Gardens is filled at this time of year with a Christmas market and fair ground rides. It is all pretty well done, very overpriced and extremely jolly. The market part was too mobbed on a Sunday afternoon for the Smalls to get any pleasure from it, but they loved the big wheel which we went on immediately.

We escaped the madness and crowds and went to look at the view of the gardens from the castle esplanade.

Edinburgh really was showing off in the sun.

Then with a bit of time to kill before it got dark we went into the Museum of Childhood. We have never been here before, but it has been on my list for a while because it is free, reasonably uncrowded and I have heard good things.

It did not disappoint. Full of lots of funny looking old toys, with a few that you could play with, it was a great way to while away an hour.

Then back to Princes Street Gardens for the funfair and the lights.

Normally I hate funfairs with the loud pop music, ugly painted rides and seedy atmosphere, but this was completely different. Yes the music was loud and it was Christmassy, and if you worked there, would drive you insane, but the rides were all aimed at children, were clean and fresh with pleasant staff.

The Smalls were each allowed to chose one thing (Did I mention overpriced?) and they looked round everything before choosing very carefully.

Big trouble loved going on the cars with J. At each end of the little oval track it whipped you round the corner just fast enough.

Tall Girl tried the climbing wall and may be part goat. She whizzed up three times in quick succession.

Little man chose Santa's train which I went on with him. It was extremely sedate but he loved it.

Three tired and happy Smalls.


  1. What a good day out! I haven't been to the Museum for years - I must put it on the to-see list!

    1. I love taking the smalls to free museums. You don't feel you have to stay any longer than is comfortable :)

  2. It looks like a great time was had by all! xx

  3. another good one when they get a little older is the medical museum another freebie

  4. A lovely day out, I think I would have liked the Santa train too, I rather like 'sedate'!

  5. The museum sounds fun but I'll leave the big wheel to you, I have no head for heights. It sounds like you all had a lovely day.

  6. Just found your blog through Jo at The Good Life. It looks lovely. New Follower.