Friday, 12 December 2014

Here and Now

Loving ~ having rediscovered candles. Hurrah for cosy warmth.

Eating ~ home made mince pies. I have made about 100 more for a Christmas party we are going to on Sunday.

Drinking ~ tea. A lot of tea.

Wearing ~ PVA glue down my jeans. We are glittering most things around here and there is a leak in the glue bottle because Big Trouble stabbed it with a pencil.

Wanting ~ The Smalls to be well. Two off school again today and this evening Big Trouble has ear ache.

Thinking ~ about how proud I am of Tall Girl. She can now play jingle bells on the piano using both hands AND she sang a solo in the school play.

Dreaming ~ of having a fully functioning open fire. The builders are going up to tackle the chimney on Monday...



  1. Lovely! I hope that the ickies are gone soon and that the chimney works go well. It is so lovely to have candles at this time of year isn't it. A bit of light in the darkness. xx

  2. Hope everyone's well again in your house. Eleanor's come down with something today, I'm hoping that she can get it out of the way before Christmas but no doubt she'll end up passing it on to me. Well done to Tall Girl, I bet there wasn't a dry eye in the school when she sang her solo.