Friday, 3 October 2014

Some things and a plan

Some good things: The sun shone, J's parents and a lovely friend from my choir came to help, accompanied by a crowbar, and unloading the crates was not as awful as I had anticipated. 

A dispiriting thing: I spent three days attempting to unpack and my dining room now looks like this.

A big thing: I have been force to come to the conclusion that we own TOO MUCH STUFF. We have a reasonably big house and can't fit it all in. I have been taking stuff to the charity shop and recycling centre for weeks and I am pretty fed up with everything being in a mess.

The plan: Today I am going to make my living room into a place I like to be. I will fold and remove the clean washing, sort out and find a home for the multitude of paperwork, tidy the mantelpiece and put onto it a few choice items that make me happy, and run the hoover round. Then, I will the pack a couple of bags because we are going away for a weekend of fun and frolics with some lovely, uplifting, good-for-the-soul folks and I will walk away from the mess.

On Monday, I will make a new plan.


PS Thank you for all your kind words after my last post. Bloggy types are also good-for-the-soul.


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself, there's a lot to unpack and it will get done in time. Have a lovely weekend and forget about what needs doing at home.

  2. I agree with Jo! You've just moved all over again…even though you didn't move to a new place so give yourself time.
    And don't be upset that the process is allowing you to learn about "stuff" and having too much and what you really need. Thats good right?
    But for now…just go have a great weekend!

  3. I just moved 3 m^3 of stuff from Canada to the UK, after 12 years of being without it! Just how much of this stuff do I really need, then? That was after a heavy and emotionally painful cull. The decision-making process was:
    1) Do I really need this? If No, can I actually throw it away? (heirlooms get stuck in this category)
    2) If I need it, would it cost more to ship than get at a charity shop?
    3) Will it get me thrown in jail if I ship it?

  4. Hope you have a good week end away from it all! Slowly & surely you will be able to move everything into place.

  5. A lot to handle all at once! I am sure that you will sort it all though in time and get back to some order, little and often and having a plan is always a good way to go I find when faced with a big project like this. xx

  6. Next door to Vanessa? Do send her lots of love. I hope she is very well and happy. xxx

  7. I feel your pain, we are moving back to UK after two years in Mexico and a house that was at least twice the size of the one we return too! Ruth

  8. Thanks for all your support. We had a lovely weekend and recharged the unpacking reserves. Under stairs cupboard here I come...