Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Not my Granny's Curtains Evening Bag

The thing I made, that so restored my faith in making for the love of it, rather than because I feel I should, well, here it is... Ta Da!

I have named it the Not my Granny's Curtains Evening Bag. Its was a gift for a lovely friend who had a birthday yesterday.

It was made from some lovely vintage upholstery material that I was give by a complete stranger a couple of years ago. I think, in the distant past, he used to be an upholstery salesman of some kind, because he gave me heaps of samples. Pieces less than a metre square, sometimes in more than one colour-way.

They are completely perfect for bag making, but call for a clasp which is a little bit sophisticated. Something a bit special.

So I hunted around on the interweb and found these. I think the technical term is a kiss clasp. I like that - it sounds very affectionate. These ones double up as a handle, which is even better.

I popped a little label inside because I like a label.

I am completely over the moon with how it turned out.

I have a head full of makes bursting to get out, so I am off to work on one...



  1. So pretty and such a classy handle clasp!

  2. That is a lovely bag - what a fab pressie.

  3. So pretty, and I really like the handle clasp combination. xx

  4. Love, adore actually! Lucky friend, what a gorgeous gift to give - I'm sure she will treasure it. just back from holiday here so enjoying catching up with some blog reading this morn. Hope all's well with you & have a lovely weekend. Xx