Saturday, 27 September 2014

That was the week that was.

So, I have had a very weird week. Just as I was getting into my stride, working out a good balance between house, garden, making, cleaning, cooking, shopping etc it was all turned upside down.

It began on Monday with J working from home. I always feel a bit strange about that. Is it ok to interrupt? Is there enough lunch for two (I usually eat left overs from the night before and cook with that in mind). He chose to set up camp in my corner of the sofa and of course needed the computer so I was off balance from the start!

He was working from home so that he could attend an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon about having some troublesome wires removed from his elbow.  The doc said yes, no problem, how about tomorrow?

So on Tuesday, with less than 24 hours to get used to the idea, I had to take him to hospital for a general anaesthetic etc etc. We have done this a lot. Some people even call him Glass Man, he is so prone to breaking himself, indeed, the wires were put in after the last breakage. But it is really NOT FUN. The silver lining is that a lovely old friend lives a few minutes drive from the hospital so I hung out with her while he went off to theatre. She was suitably distracting and chatty and the time passed much faster than it could have done. He was discharged the same day, wire-free but pretty pooped.

So on Wednesday I had an invalid at home. Naturally I pootled 30 miles north to keep a long-standing lunch date with another lovely girlfriend. Invalids need peace and quiet right? So, far better for me to be out of the way.

On Thursday I realised that what had been a small issue of Big Trouble being a bit over tired by school, had become a big issue of him being too tired to eat, wetting the bed and being so overwhelmed that he didn't want to go at all. This is my boy who has been desperate to go since he could walk. I fretted and worried and worried and fretted, then spoke to the headteacher who was completely lovely and very understanding and suggested I collect him early a few times a week until he has found his feet.

So on Friday I went up to school four times: at 8.45 to drop them all off, at 9.30 to attend the Macmillan coffee morning, at 1.30 to collect Big Trouble and at 3.15 to collect the other two.  He wouldn't have a sleep but did spend the afternoon under a blanket reading books and chatting with me. He seems to have benefited already, and is less grumpy and tearful than before.

The other unfolding saga of the week was planning the delivery of all our goods and effects from St Helena. They are coming on Monday and being delivered to 'kerbside'. J has booked the day off work so that between us we can bring it all into the house. J is now unable to lift anything with his left hand. Hmm.

The upshot is that I have asked everybody I can think of to come and help in exchange for cake and beer, and our lovely friends and family have been very generous with offers of their time and energy.

Please please please don't let it be raining on Monday...



  1. Oh my dear, what a palaver! I'm glad you have been able to get some help from somewhere. They say these things are sent to try us! I hope once you put your stuff away that things start to calm down for you.

    1. That would be lovely. I could do with some peace! A bit of routine establishing wouldn't go amiss either...

  2. It never rains but it pours. I wish I was nearer. I have a burn on the right, but do have a workable left hand!!

    1. You and J could team up! I am sure that it would be extremely efficient!

  3. Oh my goodness you poor thing, it sounds like quite a week. Bad enough any of these things, but all at once is not good. I hope that your husbands arm recovers well and quickly and that the delivery of all your things goes well and that it is dry!! xx

  4. I bet you're glad that week is over with. Hope your hubby's arm recovers from the surgery soon, it sounds like he'll be better off with the wires out but it probably wasn't the best time for the op what with all your possessions arriving tomorrow. Hope the weather's fine for you.