Thursday, 4 September 2014

The last day of the holidays. Twice.

So we have been back in Englandshire for three weeks. Three weeks that have involved a lot of shopping, a lot of meeting up with friends and family, and a lot of the human equivalent of a dog turning in circles before lying down to sleep. We have been reclaiming our patch. I haven't spent much time in the garden (but I can assure you, much time is needed) but we have rearranged the furniture, taken three car loads of baby toys and other outgrown stuff to the thrift shop and I am slowly going through each cupboard and drawer to find more. I am painfully aware that A LOT OF STUFF is going to arrive from St Helena in a few weeks and I don't know where it is all going to go!

We have also be reacquainting ourselves with old haunts and checking out new ones. Our town has gone up in the world a little since we have been away, and it is nice to see new businesses and refurbished public spaces.

Slowly slowly normality is resuming. Tall Girl and Little Man started back at their old school on Wednesday. The staff gave them a lovely warm welcome and they are full of chat about all the fun things they have been doing. Big Trouble has a big day tomorrow. At 4 years and not quite 4 weeks he starts full time school! He is raring to go although I think his nerves will show a bit more tomorrow. He certainly looks very lovely in his school uniform.

So two first days at school means two last day of the holiday treats. Big Trouble is a simple soul and chose to spend this morning at the beach with me and Grandma.

A good time was had by all.

The bigger Smalls chose to go to Alnwick Garden on Tuesday - always a winner and we had a beautiful sunny day for it.

Even late in the season, with an autumnal nip in the air, the place was a blaze of colour. I love it!

And those autumn crocuses are not all they seem at first glance... Take another look with Big Trouble's hand in the picture:

They are massive!

One last thing, Jo over at Through the Keyhole is having a four year blogiversary give away. Pop over and see her for a chance to win lots of lovely crafty goodies, and tell her I said Hi.



  1. There's a few flowers you won't have seen in a while.. the Alnwick garden looks wonderful.

  2. Take some tissues with you tomorrow when you drop Big Trouble off, I'm sure you'll need them, I know I did when I dropped both of mine off for their first day of school. Hard to believe now that one is at uni and the other has just started sixth form. Thanks for the mention, I've popped an extra entry in the hat for you.

  3. Beautiful flower pics but my favourite is the "wellies at the beach" one... only in England! Hope the first day goes well for both Mum & Big Trouble,

  4. I hope that you are enjoying being back and not feeling too overwhelmed by the thoughts of the "stuff" that will be arriving. The autumn crocuses are amazing aren't they!! xx