Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Two Ta Das of the most pleasing kind

or should that be Tas Da? Like mothers in law?
Anyway, I have one just finished this morning, and one that has been finished a while but has been waiting to be photographed. It is the raining season here. Think UK November levels of rain, mist and low cloud, but warm: 18-21 deg C. Very weird and rubbish for taking photos!

Just as I finished sewing this morning though, the sun looked like it might be about to show itself so I rushed outside and snapped a few snaps before the rain recommenced.

Maybe the weather fairies saw what I was making...

Shhh, it is still a secret! I have quite a few thank-you-makes to do over the next few months and this is by far the most important so I wanted to do it properly. I am totally thrilled with how it has turned out. If I had the patience I would make another one to keep, but I can never make the same thing twice. I just don't work that way.

 But look, what is that it is sitting on? It couldn't be that tatty old green chair could it?

Several coats of cream spray paint, new stuffing and a new cover later...

Those little silver upholstery nails cost a lot. Not in pennies, but in blood, sweat and tears. They are pretty much blunt, and the piece of chair I needed to drive them into was rock hard. I bent A LOT. I swore A LOT. I sweated A LOT. I may have shed a tear of frustration and pricked my finger too. (Turns out they are not that blunt.) I had an inspired idea to drill teeny tiny guide holes. I broke the drill bit. (Cue more swearing), bought a new drill bit and finally got them all in.

I am not totally happy with the evenness of their spacing. But I am just glad to get the things in.

Looks nice with the cushion on it doesn't it? Even on my soggy veranda with the dead mange tout in the background.

Closer in?

From an angle?

With the view?

Or put the cushion round the other way?

Have you made anything you are particularly pleased with recently?


  1. Well done they both look great. I think I would have swore a lot too.

  2. Sweetheart, much work and love poured into much talent too! :) x

  3. I love your use of colour and pattern in all your projects!

    1. Thanks! It is something I love but doesn't always work out the way I want!

  4. Fantastic job, cushion and chair! And what a stunning backdrop in that view.

  5. One thing islands do really really well is views! xx

  6. Fabulous, both of your ta da's. I'm sure they'll both be treasured for years.

  7. What very pretty work. I love the cushion and the embroidery