Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Ooo La La!

Today the French Navy came to town. It was all very exciting!



  1. Definitely exciting! I guess they didn't give rides though, did they?

  2. Not on the helicopter but some of the school kids got to go onto the ship including Tiny Boy who was seriously awed: "They had the sea IN the ship and there were boats IN the ship and ten helicopters INSIDE the ship AND the steering wheel is TINY! AND we got to go on deck and the helicopter on the deck is TIED DOWN!" All in one breath...

  3. Our munchkin is amazed every year when Santa visits hanging out of a helicopter. the joys of being surrounded by RAF bases . It will be so sad when hes to old for amazement

  4. Ooh la la indeed - nothing like a fleet of Frenchmen in uniform to brighten up a day, isn't there? ;-)