Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Fancy a walk?

Good morning. How are you? Feeling up for a walk? We won't go far - we'll head to a special place that I know just out of town.  We can stop on the way and have a look at the view of where we are going.

See it? Tucked in the valley.

That is the heart-shaped waterfall, one of the wonders of St Helena, and flowing well after all the rain we have had over the last few weeks.

I thought we might take a stroll up the valley to the bottom of the fall. Ready?

The path is quite easy, a gentle uphill on the way there, following the stream. Not so steep that we can't chat.

There is decking and steps on the trickier bits,

and the trees give a lovely dappled shade, perfect for walking through.

Look - loads of water. In the dry season it can be just a trickle.

These little beauties are called tallow vine or water grass here, but generally are known as climbing dayflower around the rest of the world.

Sometimes the natural distribution of the plants looks so wonderful it could be deliberate. It looks like some secret gardener has had a hand in it.

 Look we are nearly there, just another set of steps and round the corner...

The spray on your face is beautifully cooling, but also so invigorating it makes you grin inanely and  whoop with the joy of it.

The water falls into a shallow pool

which is overflowing through the undergrowth.

Come on, lets retreat a little to the viewing platform and just sit and absorb the day for a while.

Thanks for joining me. It's all downhill on the way back.



  1. Lovely…thank you for the vicarious walk!
    When we were there last July the only sign of water was a green stripe of vegetation down the cliff face where the water SHOULD have been flowing. (And that was in the rainy season!) It was very juggle/secret garden like though :-)

    1. The stream is the overflow for the reservoir that serves half tree hollow, so when it is full the water flows and when there is a drought, no water. I suppose in theory the water company could turn it on and off! xx

  2. Thanks for awakening happy memories of the same walk we did just a few months ago, Eleanor. Lovely blog done very creatively :-)

    1. Thanks! I am reading the Edith/Elizabeth book you donated to the library at the mo and think of you every time I open it! xx

  3. Don't know how the "anonymous" title arose.. It's me - Mary - getting confused by blog technology! x

  4. Lovely, darling xxx