Sunday, 18 August 2013

A new look at last.

My goodness, you wouldn't believe the trouble I have had with this. Not the sewing, the technology! Making a header image and choosing a new template and colours using Blogger's not-so-intuitive template creator was really quite similar to pulling teeth.

You see, the blue and green off-the-shelf  template was only temporary 15 months ago, and I always intended to sew something.

I could see it very clearly in my mind all that time ago.

It would be made using several techniques all mixed up together and would say Stitches and Seeds in the image as well as with words.

Then life happened, and I started sewing for the market stall, then we decided to move half way round the world, and somehow my vision faded and the blue and green stayed.

Then, a few days ago, I was looking at my little blog with an unusually critical eye, and I was disappointed that it wasn't what I had intended it to be. And the image in my mind's eye came back, complete with a seedling in a teacup which had been there from the very start.

In fact, the seedling in a teacup has been floating round in my head from the moment I started to read blogs. It is inspired by the art work of a lovely friend-in-real-life who's blog was one of the first I came upon, but who no longer blogs. Her art is still beautiful though.

So I sewed and I snipped and I knitted and I stitched and I fiddled until I had something I am really very pleased with.

Then I hit the technology... and I have been working and reworking the template and the header, and wrestling with picture editing software for a week, before I finally got something I am equally pleased with and that does the sewing justice.

Do you like it too?



  1. It's brilliant.
    I love the knitting and the ball of wool!

  2. Love it! Well done you :-) It's really fab - you're so creative.

  3. I think it's wonderful! I daren't touch mine for fear of mucking everything up! :) x

  4. that is beautiful - I love the little bit of knitting and the needles, how clever!

  5. you have made a great `heading` for your blog, you have a good imagination to create this

  6. ~ It's wonderful! I'm like Ada Bea, I leave well alone for fear of messing up! Clever YOU! hugs Maria x

  7. Absolutely love it - it's fab! Nxx