Friday, 12 April 2013

Summer shirt beginnings

I have started a sewing project. It has been long in the planning - one of those things I brought in case crafty bits were thin on the ground here. As you have seen, I have found new and exciting ways to be crafty since coming to St Helena although my instincts were right in that normal crafty ingredients are hard to come by.

Last year I bought this book and was slightly disappointed that quite a few of the projects aren't really me. But a few are very me - I love love love this shirt. I bought a piece of material specially to make it - much more planning than I usually indulge in!

Having never made any clothing before, and being very inexpert with the requirements of using a pattern, I decided to do absolutely everything exactly as dictated by the book, rather than my usual cutting corners and making it up as I go along.

I measured myself and cut out a paper pattern really properly.

Then cut out the fabric pieces and pinned the darts. Life interrupted at this point, and when I pulled it out this evening thinking that I might sew a few bits, I discovered that it is far too dark to sew in our house in the evening. The lighting is awful and even with the addition of lamps, I'd be hard pressed to see the thread against the fabric. So, very sensibly I listened to my better judgement and it will have to wait for another day.

But I am very excited about the pink and the flowers and the contrasting placket (my new word, and one I like)!



  1. best of luck with your blouse, not the easiest piece of clothing to start on, lovely fabric too

  2. Great start, just take your time....and happy sewing! :) x