Saturday, 6 April 2013

Christmas part 3

The ship brought Granny safely, and a parcel that has been on a bit of an adventure.

J's sister attempted to post it to us from Canada in November. but the post office didn't have St Helena on their system so she posted it to his Mum in the UK.

Granny paid more postage to send it on to here by airmail in 14 December and it finally arrived with her on 2 April.

A mini celebration was in order!

Fizz for all the family...

of the non alcoholic variety! The Smalls loved it though - the ceremony of popping the cork, the fizzing in the glasses and the clinking.

Inside the parcel were Bon Voyage cards and Christmas cards and magazines as well as presents - Granny had slipped in a few extra goodies before reposting it.

And fab gifts. Tiny Boy has hardly let his new backpack out of his sight since it arrived (he does like a bag or a box that boy), Tall Girl is plotting lots of new projects from her craft book, and Giant Baby was very tickled by his funny building sticks. I have a beautiful cowl all ready for the winter, and which Daddy would not be thrilled by an engine for paper aeroplanes? 

Happy Christmas everyone!


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