Monday, 15 April 2013

Princes Lodge

We've been on the tourist trail quite a bit in the last couple of weeks and I have all sorts waiting to tell you about. This is Prince's Lodge (Once belonging to a Mr Prince) -  part museum, part party venue, part self catering holiday accommodation. Yes you can come and stay here for the princely sum of £30 per room per night... Just try not to think about the vast cost of getting to St Helena from wherever you are!

The Lodge is set in a pretty garden, a little dry at the moment due to the hosepipe ban in the area.

with fabulous views...

and pretty flowers. I do miss flowers here. We have very few around our house even though it is very green, and there are no cut flowers available for inside.

Look, I am not the only person who considers an old wheel hub to be a great planter.

We'll go inside next time...


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