Wednesday, 27 March 2013


On Monday our ship came in, not figuratively but literally.

Last night I spied something very special in the secure warehouses down at the wharf. I am hoping they have cleared customs today and will be in the shops in the morning. Potatoes. There have been no potatoes available for about a month. It's surprising how you can miss something as unremarkable as a potato.

However, all has not been lost. the lack of potatoes has encouraged us to broaden our horizons and we have added the chow-chow to our repertoir.

It is a vine fruit which grows well here but is originally from South America.

The skin is tough and prickly and slimy once peeled,

there is a stone in the middle,

and they make quite good oven chips.

So with a bit of shallow fried, bread-crumbed grouper and wahoo and some peas and sweetcorn you have St Helena fish and chips.




  1. How unusual, but if you need chips - you need them.

  2. can`t imagine life without potatoes, especially roasties.

  3. Well, you can chip just about anything, it just goes to show! By the very nature of your being where you are shows how intrepid you are - life without spuds? compromise!