Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday night frolics

Everyone loves Fridays, but since we have been in St Helena we have developed a lovely Friday night routine which makes it really special.

Giant Baby spends the day with our fabulous child minder and the big Smalls are at school, so after I have picked them all up we head down to Jamestown to the swimming pool.

J finishes work at 4, so by the time I have given everyone a drink and a snack and we are changed he is with us and ready to join in the fun. We all flop in and out of the water, basking in the sun and nattering to friends until we are hungry.

Than we head along the sea front to Donny's Bar and Leo's Planet takeaway for beer and burgers and banter.

We watch the waves and the sunset. All the Smalls form a pack and run wild until they get too sleepy and we scoop them up and pop them in the car; lifting them, sleeping, straight into their beds after the short drive home.

Happy Friday everyone.



  1. Can we swap Friday nights please? Pretty please! :) x

  2. What a great way to spend Friday nights. Hope you all had great fun.

  3. we can only dream of sunshine and warmth here in Yorkshire sounds idyllic