Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cardboard boxes to cute beads...

Yesterday my neighbour pointed out the obvious and told me that I am doing too much. I am sure she is right but there is so much I want to do! Well, the Gods decided she was definitely right and the exhaust fell off my car last night, giving me an enforced day at home today in which to catch up with some at-home stuff. I made some biscuits with Giant Baby for the school fundraiser on Saturday and finished some bunting for our one and only charity shop. It is an amazing place that I want to tell you about properly another time.
Today's post is all about beads. The pics are mostly of me making them with Tall Girl. They are easy enough for my almost seven year old to make with the smallest amount of help and great fun to whip up whilst nattering or watching TV.
You will need: a cardboard box in colours that appeal to you, pencil, ruler, scissors, barbecue type wooden skewers, pva glue, varnish, ribbon.
Open up your cardboard box and cut off all the flaps and annoying bits. Mark dots at 2cm intervals along two opposite sides. 

Join up the dots to make lots of long thin triangles and cut these out. As you can see we were using a kleenex box. Breakfast cereals and cereal bars also come in attractive coloured boxes.

Use a skewer to soften the strips by pulling the strips over it with the same motion you would use for curling ribbon.

Wind a strip around a skewer as tightly as you can, starting with the wide end.

Glue the end and hold in place until the glue dries.

Make as many beads as you want. The longer the strip, the fatter the bead; the wider the strip, the longer the beads. Experiment - it's fun!

Once the glue is dry, varnish your beads with ordinary wood varnish. It is easiest to leave them on the skewer. When they are completely dry, pick some complimentary ribbon (you will need at least a metre for an adult sized necklace). 
The beads in the following photos are ones I did earlier...

String the beads onto the ribbon, interspersing them with knots until you are happy with how they look.

Wear with pride or give to someone who will appreciate their upcycled beauty.

Happy making.


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