Friday, 4 November 2016

Day 4 Declutter something

Now I am far from being a minimalist, despite the current trend in that direction but we all have a space where we dump stuff that we aren't quite ready to deal with. For me it's the paperwork and post accumulating on the coffee table, and a side table. It could be your handbag or beside the microwave. In my parents house it was always the fruit bowl. If you are already pretty organised in the paperwork and post department, maybe it's your wardrobe that is overfull or your fridge.

Take a few minutes to go through it. Ditch the rubbish and consider the rest of the items in turn. Do you need it in the short term? in the long term? Does it bring you joy? Where should it live? The answer could be that it stays exactly where it is, but by removing the rubbish and reconsidering and dealing with the rest, hopefully you will free up some space in your mind as well as your home.



  1. it's the coffee table where my clutter s but visitors for the weekend have made me tidy up!!!

    1. Sometimes all we need is a little push. xx