Tuesday, 22 November 2016

#Bashsad weekly round up part 3

Day 15: Well, dancing happened a day late. On day 15 J was working from home and had Very Important phone calls and a Very Important meeting so no loud music for me. Then on day 16 Radio 2 seemed to be in a particularly sombre mood all day...that is until Simon Mayo saved the day!

Day 16: When you need to laugh, go to choir! My lovely joyous choir always puts a smile on my face and we usually laugh A LOT.

Day 17: My attempt at a smiley selfie was taken at the end of a long and tricky day and the intricacies of taking a selfie in the mirror were almost beyond me...

... but on day 18 I went for a lovely long walk in the sunshine and took a fab friend with me via the magic of mobile telephony. The result was a much more smiley selfie.

Day 18: Apple scones - what's not to like?

Day 19: Another tricky day with uncooperative and whinging Smalls but we did manage a trip down to Holy Island and as usual being out and about improved my mood no end.

Day 20: Black current porridge. Yum!

Day 21: You'd have thought I'd have got myself organised so that the challenges fell on sensible days but apparently not. In the morning I wore my latest charity shop treasure - a cotton knitted dress with jeans, fleecy boots and a scarf. A  new cosy favourite. The afternoon and evening brought pilates and a dance class so I was forced into my version of sportswear which is definitely not my favourite. I did choose my favourite t-shirt though.

Not a bad week but as the weather has turned wet and cold and dark I can feel my resilience weakening. Staying focused and making an effort to do positive things definitely helps.


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  1. Apple scones look yummy, as does the blackcurrent porridge. Love your blue dress.

    Julie xxxxxxx