Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Here and Now

Loving: The response I got to my Not-my-Granny's-curtains satchel, both here and on instagram.

Making: More Not-my-Granny's-curtains satchels and other goodies...

Feeling: Quietly proud of my efforts to be Brave.

Thinking: About how much I prefer making to job hunting which has been taking up rather more of my time than I would like recently.

Waiting: For the webbing I have ordered for more bag straps to arrive. It's taking AGES!

Dreaming: Of uploading goodies to etsy.

Walking: Along the pier to the lighthouse as often as I can manage in between job hunting and making. I still need to soak up the light, and I love walking past this house which is slowly slowly being brought back to life.


1 comment:

  1. I missed you 'Not my granny's curtains' satchel & it's so lovely. My sister has called my new Seasalt skirt 'something your nan would have up at the window'! A lovely walk too xx