Thursday, 17 March 2016

Crochet cubes

O a very old friend and my sister-in-law both had babies so I made some cubes. They squeak, rattle and crinkle.



  1. These are gorgeous.
    I must admit that I too squeak, rattle and crinkle first thing in the morning! X

  2. These are lovely, and much better than all that plastic stuff! :) xxx

  3. These are really lovely and much nicer than the store bought versions. Great gifts am sure they will be much appreciated.
    Mrs B is right that squeaking, crinkling and rattling happens often elsewhere too LOL

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  5. I love them. ALthough made for kids, I think they'd go well as 'desk toys' or juggling balls, etc for adults! Certainly, I can imagine throwing them at certain folks round here! In fun, of course! xCathy