Thursday, 26 February 2015

Introducing Dorothy and a Ta Da!

I have been meaning to share this Ta Da with you for weeks but couldn't get any decent pics. J hates taking them for me and the day I wore the dress specially when I was in London with a friend, it was so cold that I really didn't fancy taking my coat off! Upshot is there are no pics of me wearing it. Instead you have my pal Dorothy. Yes she finally has a name. It just came to me one day that that is her name and how could it ever be otherwise!

She has the great advantage of having no self conscious qualms about how she looks. She stands tall and proud and looks fab, even if her frock could do with an iron...

I am super-please with this zip. With a little guidance from my sewing teacher (always tack/baste a zip, sew down the middle strip where the weave is different) it is the neatest zip I have ever managed,

My facing skills still leave a little to be desired but with hindsight I think it will be better next time.

I do love the pocket linings though, and the pockets! Ahh a dress with pockets, an illusive but wonderful thing!

It fits me really well around the bust but is quite loose around the waist which I like. I considered adding some darts to the back of the waist but laziness outdid the feeling that a little more shaping would be good. I can always add them later if I want to.

And, it looks great with my current favourite necklace!

I have been working hard on the next project and have even taken some work in progress pics to show you next time.


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  1. Dorothy's dress is lovely, I really like the linings too!! I am sure though that it looks far better on you than Dorothy - but don't tell her!! xx