Friday, 20 February 2015

A lovely but unusual week.

Once again I didn't mean to be away so long. I have had a lovely but unusual week...
Unusual thing 1: My Smalls are away with J and his parents. They have gone skiing and I have not. I know lots of people love it, but I can't find anything to like about it. Cold slippery expensive...
Lovely thing 1: I have been away on my own to visit very old friends in Cambridge and London. (To clarify, the friendships are longstanding, the friends are, to within a whisker, the same age as me.)
Unusual thing 2: I have had no internet access. My friend's router was bust.
Lovely thing 2: We had lots of time to potter and pootle... I found charity shop treasure of the very best kind, a vintage pattern and a book that I have fancied reading for ages.

Unusual thing 3: I made something for the second time. I almost never repeat a project but the squares I made for the Do You Mind If I Knit blanket never arrived at Lisa's, presumed lost in the post. It is a shame because I had popped a little bit of treasure in for her too. Anyway, I have made five more squares and will be sending them off on Monday. Fingers crossed they make it this time! I have also started free-styling a crocheted hat for myself after enjoying the process of making Tall Girl's so much. Only ripped it back twice so far...
Lovely thing 3: Me making granny squares prompted my friend to get me to teach her. We found an excellent book in a charity shop to jog her memory when I am not there and she set to. The first square was a little wobbly with questionable tension, but the second was better... Hurrah for another hooky convert!

Unusual thing 4: Our living room is empty, the dining room is extremely full, and I have begun: the beige is on its way out. So far I have rolled up the carpet, removed the gripper strips from round the edge, and demolished a dodgy old cupboard. I think I need J back to get the carpet out completely and then me and the steamer will attack the nasty wall paper.

Lovely thing 4: Hip hip hooray for radio four and iplayer! A few hours of demolition passed in a flash as I took the opportunity to catch up with a few of my favourites.

Unusual thing 5: In between the travelling, pottering, pootling, hooking and demolishing, I have found time to slow down a bit this week. I have watched TV in the day, I have had a lie down in the afternoon, I have read books when I am not too sleepy to read more than a page or two and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Lovely thing 5: Tomorrow I am going to collect J and the Smalls and I am completely looking forward to having them back. I feel rested and raring to go, and that is both lovely and unusual!



  1. All lovely things - well apart from the annoying lost parcel! - sounds as though you have really enjoyed your holiday to yourself and no doubt will enjoy hearing all about the smalls holiday when they return too! Double holiday! xx

  2. Just found your lovely blog, and am looking forward to the adventure out of beige.


  3. I'm with you on the ski-ing - I have never had the least notion to do it! Good luck with the decorating - I need to do my studio, but when I look at all the stuff I would need to move ..........