Thursday, 5 February 2015

A happy hat for Tall Girl

I made a hat for my beautiful Tall Girl. She has been a bit under the weather recently and it was just the ticket to cheer her up and keep her warm. It reminds me of St Basil's cathedral and frolicking fairies and helter-skelters. Tall girl bounces around making the bobbles bob up and down on her head, and asking if it is raining before giggling like a maniac. Definitely a happy hat.

The yarn is Annell Malmedy, a lovely soft dk from the Ida Yarn Shop, in 2541 (blue), 2547 (turquoise) and 2522 (pale blue). The hook was 4mm. The pattern was adapted from the Otava Sprite Hat available on Ravelry. The changes I made were:

* Three colours not two
* Stopped increasing after round 21 and crocheted 39 rounds altogether to make a smaller hat
* Three bobbles not two
* Began each bobble with a magic ring rather than 4 chain joined in a ring

This is a lovely easy pattern that produces a really gorgeous hat. Cute enough for a really small Small and quirky enough for a bigger and more hat-conscious Small. Actually, one more round of increases and it would have been big enough for me and I am considering making myself one. Everyone needs a happy hat!


PS I wrote this this morning but was waiting for a snap of Tall Girl modelling the hat before I posted it. I asked her if I could take some pics on the way home from school but she refused saying she had had the worst day EVER. I suppose that even a happy hat isn't a magic hat. Ho hum...


  1. What a fabulous hat!! I hope that it will bring some happiness tomorrow! xx

  2. A lovely sweet hat, I like the bobbles. I wonder if I could get away with wearing one like that but I don't think I can. I hope her day wasn't as bad as she thought it was x