Monday, 28 July 2014

The Farewell Tour

This was the last weekend of our subtropical island adventure so we made a list and revisited lots of our favorite bits...

The Bellstone

Full on percussion section

Rock Rose Ruin

For a little explore along an inviting path

Plantation and Jonathon

The view from the top of Jacob's ladder


The coffee shop for toasties and milkshakes

Castle Gardens

Bird on a fountain

Back to Jacobs Ladder

Little Man and Tall Girl wanted to climb it one last time with J

J couldn't resist trying out the Saint method of sliding down

Big Trouble and I cheated and drove to the top

Almost there

New wellies

The heart shaped waterfall

Halley's Mount

Weird ferny trees

The view back over Longwood to the Barn

It is going to be a tough few days saying all our last Good Byes.

See you back in Englandshire in a couple of weeks.



  1. Lovely happy memories spent with the family .......xx

  2. You had a busy weekend and I am sure some bittersweet good-byes but gosh, what a great adventure you all have had!

  3. this has been a wonderful time for you all especially the children not many get the chance of living on such a beautiful island. Safe journey home, hopefully we will still be having lovely weather when you arrive

  4. I hope the tourist board appreciate what you've done.. I want to visit one day. When there's a plane ;-)
    Safe journey home.

  5. What a lovely summary of your favourite St Helena things! Enjoy your last few days and your holiday in my beautiful home town, the fairest Cape, and safe travels back to Blighty. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip. xx

  6. Oh wow - it's all coming to an end! But you have so enjoyed your time there, that much is obvious. Welcome back to Englandshire !

  7. Just caught up with you. Wow! Has it really come to an end? Seems like no time at all you were setting off. I can't begin to imagine your combined feelings at the moment, but hope overall it is positive and good for all of you. Lxx