Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A little of what you fancy does you good.

Well, the packing is for the most part done for now and our funny 1960s prefab is a pretty depressing place to be. Nothing pretty, lots of dusty corners and deceased insects at every turn. 

What with that and saying goodbye to lovely peeps, I have been a bit down for the last couple of days. 

But this morning, I got up with no plans in my head. I was fed up of staring at boxes so I shook off the dust, abandoned my lists and did some things because I felt like them. I rang my Dad and chatted for an hour and a half about our plans and his... Lovely. Then I headed into town for a spot of non-essential shopping: tea lights, marshmallows and birthday cards.

I had lunch with John which was lovely and a treat we will miss back in the real world, and found a new second hand book stall which provided me with these. I have stalled with my current book and haven't had anything else calling to me. As a consequence I have been taking films or audio books to bed, sleeping badly and feeling even more out of sorts than I would be anyway.

Now I am spoiled for choice and can't wait to get started. Hmm 20 minutes before school pickup. Time to choose which one to read first I think...



  1. Packing up is never fun, but it sounds like you're very organized. Glad you've had some time to do some fun things in between too though and enjoy your new books.

  2. I hope that the packing isn't too too bad and that the books are a good distraction! xx

  3. It's nice to down tools once in a while when you're a bit fed up. I hope you enjoyed your day and that you enjoy your new books.

  4. You seem very organized in what must be a monumental task for you, a little break now & then must recharge your batteries. Hope you enjoy your books.

  5. Hello Eleanor! Good luck with the packing, but you look like you have got it down to a fine art ...

    Thanks for popping over to me, I've just googled LA9 and the Kendal are is about 45 mins away, so that would be lovely if you could come next year! Will probably be the same weekend.

    Love Claire xxx

  6. Thanks for your support Ladies xxx