Friday, 11 July 2014

Ladies of Craft

Last night, the 'Ladies of Craft' as one husband insists on calling us, had a lovely meal out. It was the last time we would all be together because one lovely lady goes on the ship today, and as you know, we will follow very very soon. 

To mark the occasion, and to say thank you to all my pals for the fun and frolics over the months I made them each a little something:

A cupcake bag for Vic who can do things with icing that I would never have thought possible.

A whale shark for Jude, the marine biologist who has everything.

Oven gloves for Lucy who wanted me to show her how, but we ran out of time.

A tarn evening bag for Julie, my first island partner in craft.

A necklace for Sarah who does not craft, but brought wine to our Thursdays to to the benefit of everyone.

A crochet hook case for Ceri who has taken making something out of nothing to a whole new level.

And a satchel for the bonkers and wonderfully talented artist Lindsay.

I will miss them all terribly.

I got a present too. Lucy, who claims not to be crafty, but makes rather amazing things never the less, stitched me this:

She is uncrafty enough that she had to google chain stitch, but she is clearly a quick learner! It is completely beautiful and I love it.

The button marks our house and the place I will always leave a small piece of my heart.

Thank you Ladies of Craft for keeping me sane and making my time here so special.



  1. What lovely gifts you shared, and such fab & precious memories you will always have. Saying goodbye is always hard but you will leave a little piece of all your hearts in each other's lives - what a blessing :-)
    Happy weekend, xx

  2. You made some lovely gifts for your friends & the one you received back is so lovely & sweet.

  3. There's something special about ladies who craft and create together, lovely gifts there, you will all have very happy memories! :) x

  4. Hopefully you'll all be able to get together when you get back to the UK!

  5. What lucky friends to receive such beautiful things! X Cathy

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments. xxx

  7. What wonderful gifts which will help to keep wonderful memories alive as you start your new chapter. Love Linda