Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Long Goodbye

Today was a tough day. Not because I had seven Smalls in my care. Not because we had home made pizza for lunch. Not because we got the paddling pool out for splashy fun. 

Today was a tough day because Tall Girl, Little Man and Big Trouble had to say the first of their St Helena Goodbyes. 

I said the first of mine a few weeks ago when some lovely friends went on leave, but I have done it before. I know that if it is important enough, we will make time to see each other, to keep in touch. It maybe in a year or two but it will happen. 

Tomorrow some more friends go on leave: classmates of Tall Girl. So today they, and other Smalls that they play with, all gathered here and had enormous fun racing around in the sunshine, playing with playmobil, making friendship bracelets and all sharing one DS (don't get it myself but they seem to love it). 

Then time came to say Goodbye. Big Trouble didn't really get it and dealt with it by goofing around. The other two said the briefest of goodbyes then broke down as their pals drove away. We had lots of cuddles and made plans to write, to email, to exchange photos. 

The next few weeks are going to involve a lot of this. A lot of tears and cuddles and promises and goodbyes. 

It is tough, but it means that we have had the most wonderful adventure and have made some special friends.  

Here's some snaps of a walk with some special friends we took a couple of weeks ago...




  1. Aw, having to say goodbye is never easy, but modern technology like emails & Skype etc will make staying in touch just that little bit easier. And what precious memories the Smalls will have of their wonderful island adventure.

  2. How sad to say goodbye but you have helped your children to have some fabulous memories to look back on!

  3. What an adventure you've had. I bet you'll all be sad to leave. xx

  4. Eleanor, this is completely selfish of me to say, but I wish you weren't leaving either! I have enjoyed your stories, tours and photos of St Helena so much, learning about a place that I knew nothing about has been really fascinating. Thank you for sharing it all. xx

  5. I'm useless at saying goodbye, always cry.....but you're right it's so important. Gosh it doesn't seem two minutes since you were starting this adventure :) x