Thursday, 5 June 2014

Massive Ta Da of a chairish kind!

It would appear that I have gone and upholstered a chair!

Remember this chap - mud encrusted, torn, worn, squashed and unloved; found at the tip.

We last left him like this - naked, or so we thought...

I decided to strip him off completely before...

gradually clothing him again in new hessian, garden twine (only green jute twine available out here in the South Atlantic)

under felt (that's an actual upholstery thing apparently)

two kinds of foam

zillions of staples


and more hessian.

Then I started fitting his Sunday Best.

 I did piping! All by myself!

I tweaked and fiddled,

stapled and stitched...

And then,

 as if by magic,

An actual and real squashy, stripey and oh so hansom chair appeared.

All thanks to this lovely lady, my teacher and mentor, my moral supporter and guide. The wonderful Wanda.

Then I put on his rain coat ready for the long journey ahead.

We'll see each other again in England in September.



  1. That is really impressive! I mean, my gosh, you could do into business doing that. I have a chair you could do right now but the shipping would be SO tricky.
    And I love that you included the amazing Wanda…please tell her I miss her!

  2. Oh wow! Well done, clever you - great job :-)
    Happy weekend, xx

  3. That's brilliant! I imagine the stripy chair smiling at you for years to come. Congratulations!

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